No Need to Jump Through Hoops When Making an Insurance Claim

After a motor vehicle accident, obtain the name, license number, and registration number of the other vehicle. Take pictures of your damaged vehicle, both inside and outside. Any evidence of interior damage can substantiate your claims of suffering trauma in the collision. You should also write a summary of everything that you recall happening just before the accident, up to the time of the collision and, keep a record of your body parts that came in contact with the interior of your car.

Your first legal obligation after a motor vehicle accident is to notify your motor vehicle insurance company about your accident. What you say to your insurance company must be carefully considered, so that your information is not misrepresented. Your attorney advocates for you and “takes you out of the middle” of the insurance claim process, by communicating, on your behalf, with both your motor vehicle insurer and the other vehicle’s insurance company. Your attorney also guides you through the claim process and is directly involved with you and your insurance company adjuster, in the event that a request is made for a written or oral statement.

Most experienced personal injury attorneys do not charge for their services, unless, and until, your claim is successfully completed. The fee is usually a pre-agreed percentage of the gross monetary amount that you RECEIVE upon settlement of your claim.

As part of my practice, I provide my clients with a written reminder of these suggestions, and a body form outline diagram to notate the specific areas impacted by the accident through pain sensations or difficulty in movement. It is also important to seek qualified medical treatment, as soon as possible, to avoid a chronic condition.