Carolyn A.

Dear Attorney Greenberg, I would like to thank you and your staff for the effort you made in my automobile accident case. I was guided through the whole process with decisions that were best for me and well prepared for all negotiations. You and your staff always answered my calls promptly, which made me feel my case was very important to you and to me. I think we reached a fair settlement and I appreciate your additional negotiations with my insurance carrier to obtain a reduction in their lien. I would be pleased to recommend you to my friends and colleagues and, of course, will call you again if I have another occasion to hire a fine attorney.


Alex - Car Accident Claim

Marvin was an extremely great lawyer to work with. He cared about my well being and went above and beyond to get me the maxium amount that I deserved for my injuries. I would recommend using Marvin for any case that you may have because he is an experienced lawyer that will go the extra mile for his clients.


Sean O.

Dear Mr. Greenberg, Thank you for representing me in my recent successfully resolved claim resulting from my auto accident. I cannot thank you enough for the counsel, focus and follow-through, you provided that allowed me to be awarded the full policy limits of the other driver’s insurance and from my own underinsured policy.

What I did not appreciate, however, was the incredible disruption of time and investment that was necessary to address the legal issues with the insurance companies and the tactics they employed in their efforts to avoid their responsibility to me. It was more difficult to deal with than my medical concerns because they tried every angle to avoid the facts of the case, although, the issues were so clear and substantiated by several of my doctors. They just wanted to wear me down and make me go away. I could never have hoped to reach our final settlement without your assistance.

From the beginning, your advice was to maintain notes of everything I was experiencing from pain treatments to doctor and therapy visits. That was the best advice I could have followed because I referred to them two years later when recounting my injuries in a deposition. The other attorney would have “eaten me alive” had I not been so well prepared and consistent in presenting my case.

Marvin, your professionalism and experience is appreciated and I would, unreservedly, be happy to recommend you to anyone in need of you’re assistance.


Robert N.

Dear Attorney Greenberg, I am writing to let you know that my family and I are very grateful for all of your help during my work related accident case. For the duration of my case, you did so much to insure that my medical bills were paid, and you stayed on top of my employer to insure payment of my weekly workers compensation checks. You were always right there to jump all over them if a check was missing or late.

When I got injured, I saw your ad, which said, “My office is dedicated to AGGRESSIVE, personal, prompt and effective representation and sensitivity to my clients needs.” I found every word of that statement to be true. Marvin, you fought hard for me until the final settlement of my case, including four surgeries, doctor’s visits and independent medical exams. You were always there for my family and me.

When my daughter was hit by a truck, you were there for my family, once again. You stayed right on top of every bill from every treating physician and took the time to tell my wife and daughter what to expect at every turn. At the end of her case, you fought diligently to get my daughter an unbelievable settlement. I cannot thank you enough!

My family and I have been clients of yours three times over thirteen years, and each time, your and your office never once disappointed us. We are very proud to call you “our” lawyer. You are everything that your ad says and more. You never made us feel like “just one of your other cases.” We felt that you took a personal interest in our problem each time we had to call upon you for help. You always took the time to explain every aspect of what we would go through. You also ended each case with immense satisfaction. Several years ago, I took a shot in the dark by picking you over DOZENS of others. It was that shot in the dark that quickly turned into a ray of sunlight. G-d bless you and your office.


Helen M.

Attorney Greenberg, I would like to thank you for your services. The representation I received was outstanding. The treatment I received from you and your staff was more than stupendous. All my questions were answered completely. My case was dealt with in a very effective manner. You did a magnificent job while treating me with the utmost regard and making me feel, not only like a very important client, but also, like a friend. Your excellent services have given me the utmost confidence in your office and I will most certainly highly recommend your firm to all my friends, associates, and any person who is in need of legal services.


Richard T.

Dear Mr. Greenberg, Thank you for the professional way in which you handled my accident case; also, thank you for your understanding and patience.



I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Greenberg in a favorable medical suit. I have worked with him on another matter some years prior. I find him easy to talk to and he listens. He makes himself available to ou and gives his full attention. He follow up on matters personally. He keeps you informed and goes above and beyond. I highly recommend Mr. Greenberg for your attorney matters.



Could Not Have Done This Without Attorney. Attorney Greenberg was everything I could have asked for more in my Worker’s Compensation case. He always kept me informed of things pertaining to the case. He made himself readily available to me night and day, 7 days a week, therefore, if I had a question or something came up, he was there to assist. He took the time to explain everthing to me. He kept me informed throughout my 2 year process in order to receive what I was entitled to. Attorney Greenberg and his assistant, Marianne, were wonderful to work with, always looking out for me and keeping me informed throughout. I would recommend Attorney Greenberg and his office to anyone needing representation, especially Worker’s Compensation. The attorney was very knowledgeable. I would recommend him for service.


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