Personal Injury

Not only is recovery from injury an arduous road, but trusting your insurance company to do the right thing can be a daunting task. I take my clients out of the middle by zealously advocating on their behalf.  Medical bills add up, medical reports can be misleading if not meticulously stated, insurance adjusters can be biased in favor of saving their company from “overpayment to the victim”.

Personal injury can also result in unforeseen medical expenses, such as, hospital and doctor care, therapy, rehabilitation, medical equipment, disability accommodations, and lost wages. My goal is to maximize a legitimate client’s recovery of these costs while pursuing additional recovery of damages for loss of function, time, conjugal relationships, etc. – all to bring closure to the lives of my clients.

Except in the most severe cases, head injuries may appear less severe to other people than they actually are.  Once swelling has subsided, doctors, therapists, family members, and especially insurance claims adjusters, may assume that the brain injury victim is ‘all better now”.  Meanwhile, the victim may be unable to work as before, or at all, and may not be able to resume usual leisure activities or assume a normal role in the family or community.

Brain injuries, including a concussion, can be one of the most challenging types of personal injury cases.  The victim can suffer from complications such as migraine-like headaches, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, and personality changes and/or memory loss. It is important to seek medical and financial relief during this type of devastating injury.  My firm works for my clients with compassion and a fervor to restore their health and dignity.

Construction sites are notoriously hazardous by nature.  Safety regulations and protective gear and devices keep many construction workers from harm. If you were seriously injured or lost a loved one in a fatal accident at a construction site in Massachusetts, you may be relieved to know that an experienced attorney can help advocate your possible claim through the tangled legal system of workers’ compensation, construction site insurers, and your own insurance carrier.

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