Motor Vehicle Accidents

The stakes are high as you seek to put your life back together after a car, truck or motorcycle accident.  Not only is recovery from injury an arduous road, but trusting your insurance company to do the right thing can be a daunting task. I take my clients out of the middle by zealously advocating on their behalf.  Medical bills add up, medical reports can be misleading if not meticulously stated, insurance adjusters can be biased in favor of saving their company from “overpayment to the victim”.

Personal injury can also result in unforeseen medical expenses, such as, hospital and doctor care, therapy, rehabilitation, medical equipment, disability accomodations, and lost wages.

My goal is to maximize a legitimate client’s recovery of these costs while pursuing additional recovery of damages for loss of function, time, conjugal relationships, etc. – all to bring closure to the lives of my clients.

Commercial Vehicles
Commercial vehicles, including 18-wheelers and delivery trucks, are subject to special regulations designed to keep the public safe.  If you were injured or if a loved one was killed in an accident involving a truck of any type, in Massachusetts, it is in your best interest to start an investigation as soon as possible. Our firm initiates investigations on behalf of truck accident victims and files personal injury claims, and persues law suits based on evidence of driver negligence, mechanical failure or any other type of negligence such as product liability .  Manufacturers of trucks or truck parts may be responsible to compensate an accident victim when it can be demonstrated that they negligently advertised and sold defective products.

Bus Accidents
In the case of a bus accident, it is important to remember that each passenger pedestrian, biyclist, or occupant of another vehicle, has a unique personal injury claim.  Insurance companies tend to make early offers of compensation that may not cover the victims expenses and losses.  Bus passengers or other accident victims may be tempted to accept cash in hand as soon as possible.  This may not be in the victim’s best interest if they are injured or lost a loved one in a bus accident. Our firm urges bus accident victims to be careful about accepting such offers.  It is especially important to discuss the accident with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney before participating in any discussions with insurance claims adjusters or signing any waivers.

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